Any other TiVO / DVR addicts out there?

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  1. We've had TiVO for quite awhile now, and love it...but it always amazes me when we're at a friends house, how much of an addict I am.....

    So used to it, I hate commercials now....

    Anyone else?
  2.'s new to me, so I wouldn't say I'm an addict, or use it for everything, but it sure is nice to skip through commercials. I record Will & Grace every night because it comes on after I go to bed- so that's really nice to have something to watch when there is nothing on. I also have a few movies recorded at the moment, so when the mood strikes, again, there is somethng to watch.:smile:
  3. DH and I love it, and we have 2 in the house. :nuts:
  4. I just got mine last month & I'm already addicted. Throughout the whole month of October I have it recording all the scary movies I've programmed it to so after alittle bit of Trick or Treating, we'll come home & watch some movies. I have all my series season passed. It's really great, I don't know how I ever did w/out it.
  5. i love it! it's changed my life...well, not really, but the way i watch tv anyway.
  6. I seriously thought this was a dumb gimmick years back. If it weren't for DH I would never own one. Now I can't live without it. I always have something good to watch! I have my old 40 hour model and a new high def model (high def is awesome!)
  7. I hate watching commercials too. I will put the show on 20 minutes later so I can skip them. I love my DVR. Hubby and I are addicted to it. I couldn't imagine life without it.
  8. I love my TiVO
  9. I love my TIVO's! I've got two of them and they are worth every penny. Because I work at night, I have to record everything I want to watch. I've got all my season passes set up and it's great. I used to scramble for a blank tape and set my VCR every day before leaving, but not anymore! I even convinced a co-worker to get a TIVO. Love it!
  10. Tivo is the best son still gets up 4 times a least I can watch soemthing other than an infomercial!
  11. I love my DVR! It makes the high cost of cable worth it!
  12. OMG! I love my TiVo!!! I cannot watch regular television anymore - lol
  13. I can no longer imagine watching tv without TiVo. How did we ever manage before??
  14. I have the DVR and i'm addicted to it (I LOVE IT). I never watch reg. T.V anymore.
  15. I am glad I am not the only one. I really love it on Sundays! My DH and I both love football, so Sunday during football season was pretty much we TiVo and go. When we get home, we can easily go through the games an an hour and a half, instead of 3-4 hours.