Any other thirty-somethings collecting Toki?

  1. I was just wondering if I am experiencing an early mid-life crisis sorta thing with my Tokidoki obsessing...:confused1:
  2. There are a bunch of us here who are 30+. I am 32 and I LOVE Toki! :p
  3. I'm 34 and Luv Toki's!! Age doesn't matter when we're talking toki's!! :smile:
  4. There are a few threads out here asking about age (try a search). Not to worry, there are quite a few of us in our 30's... and 40's... and I think we have a 50-something or two.
  5. Well, at least I am in good company! My daughter, Lily, just turned one in August and I have two teenager girls as well Jessica will be 15 next month and Alana is 13.
  6. I am slowly learning how to navigate this site, I've never been on one before. I will try some searches...
  7. I just turned 38. I love my toki bags! I'm addicted. I mostly use the bigger styles.
  8. I'm also 34 and lovin' my Toki!

    I used to like LV (hence the name LVixen), but now I'm selling all my LV to buy Toki!

    I LOVES IT!:nuts:
  9. I'm QueenLouis b/c I started here in the LV forum. Now I wish I had a Toki name. But my LV collection is it's staying put for now.
  10. I just turned 35 (well 2 mos ago, anyway). I believe there are several of us 30+ on the Toki Forum, so don't feel bad.:tup:
  11. I am 38 and my best friend is 37, we both love Tokidoki.
  12. Count me in, I am thirty-something. I am new to here for about nine months only and own 26 tokidoki bags now. Still growing.....:party::dothewave:
  13. I think I'm one of the oldest at 46. My husband of 25 years is used to my "youthful" interests by now. Don't know what's wrong with me; love Hello Kitty (well, mainly Chococat stuff), too.
  14. Thank you, Q! What other sites/forums are good for Tokidoki bag lovers? There's probably postings on that subject, too! I shall see...