any other teachers here?

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  1. not looking forward to go back to school?

    this is only my 3rd year teaching, but i'm so nervous for next week...i'm telling myself things to keep my confidence up, but its hard....stuff like stick to your policies/rules, i know my stuff so fair, strict but try to be "mothering" like at times....i teach high school by the way.......any advice? :wondering
  2. Pat on the back for sticking it out!!

    I'm in my first year & our school is on a year-round schedule, so we started school at the beginning of august. Like you, I'm at the high school level.... but hoo-boy! This kids make me TIRED.

    We're halfway thru the quarter & it's all i can do to keep up with correcting papers & updating grades....

    I guess that's all I have to offer... lol! At least you're not me! :sweatdrop:
  3. be consistent. for ex. if you have behavior issues, give 1 warning. after that, send the issue out. you are there to teach, not to haggle with a 15 year old for 30 minutes. let the students know ahead of time that that is your policy.

    i actually write up a contract that my students and their parents sign at the beginning of the year regarding my classroom expectations (behavior and schoolwork). that way, even if the parents/kids have dif. pov, they will have acknowledged that these are my rules and this is what i expect of you. i count it as a quiz grade, too. (so kids can get an easy A to start out, and i get my forms back) i've not always needed them, but when i do, they are great. good luck!!!
  4. Ahhh!
    School returning, I'm a highschool teacher:smile:
    Been teaching for 5 years:heart:
  5. My hat is off to all of you. I've taught music privately, and could have gotten my credential, but the thought of a room full of kids brings way too much panic into my brain. :sweatdrop::lol:

    You all are amazing! :love:
  6. i've dated three high school teachers, and all i can say is that you people are INSANE.

    just kidding...

    ...well, not really :smile:
  7. Yes, this is my first year teaching h.s. at a new school system. I taught middle school last year and I am nervous as heck!
  8. Hats off to all our tPF teachers out there!!! You are saints.
  9. My violin teacher has to deal with that. She helped create a strings program in our school system three years ago. She works at 4 different elementary schools with around 30-40 kids per school. I've helped her occasionally with tuning student's violins for school concerts and such. I don't know how she does it!! My nerves were shot just on those few occasions. She also keeps up with her private students, our community string orchestra, NFMC Music Club, her quartet gigs, two kids, her house, husband and two dogs AND just started working on her Master's degree. Even with that, she's always upbeat and encouraging.

    The woman should be nominated for sainthood! :angel:
  10. Is there a fainting smiley? WOW!

    I've known some colleagues who've done the same thing. I have absolutely no idea how they do it! I can handle my orchestra and quartet gigs, teaching privately, and actually worked a lot through school, but to handle all that PLUS teaching at schools and being married with kids? :wacko::drinks: More power to her!
  11. I just ended my 2nd week and I'm pooped!!!!!
  12. I'm not a teacher yet but working on it. Good luck!
  13. I completed Early Childhood Development. I am credentialed to be a preschool teacher. I am not employed, but rather a housewife and soon to be mom.
    But I just wanted to commend you on having such an important job! Teachers have the most important job and are not given near the credit that they should. Keep it up.. you are making all the difference in the world!!

    PS. simseema17, I had a 4th grade teacher whom it was her first year teacher. She was by far the best teacher that I have ever had in all of my schooling. So don't be hesitant of yourself because it's only your third year!
  14. I am a Kindergarten teacher. Last week began my 9th year...its still hard to go back to school after such a long break. I am always apprehensive about meeting my class.
  15. I am a highschool music teacher:biggrin: