Any Other Summer Cold Sufferers Out There?

  1. The air has been positively filthy here all month long with ozone alerts in the Orange range almost daily, so when I started sneezing myself silly last Monday, I just passed it off to dirty air.....

    Then came the queasiness, loss of appetite, fast forward a day or so, more and more sneezing. By Saturday, my head and lungs were full of gunk, my head was exploding, I was coughing myself insane and was having (non-menopausal) hot flashes.

    All this is annoying enough, but when you've had all the back problems I've had the past 10 months the last thing you need is to be sneezing repeatedly and coughing so hard you risk blowing another disc.

    I'm so miserable. :crybaby:

    Any other weirdos out there that happen to have the same silly luck as me? We're supposed to get colds in the winter, not the heat of summer. :push:
  2. Oh PP that sucks!! I HATE summer colds...makes no sense at all...that's what winter's for!! Take extra good care of yourself...and sneeze very carefully :heart:. (((HUGS)))
  3. Summer cold=oxymoron. I absolutely hate summer colds. Knock on wood I haven't had one this summer, but they are the worst. Know what you mean with the coughing--you can't do it without straining your back.

    I was hoping it would be brief and you'd be all well by today. No such luck, huh :sad:
  4. I've had it for a couple weeks now...started out as sneezing and slight its deep in my chest. Been on antibiotics..and still have it so my MD says it is viral and will have to run its course...which could take up to 4 weeks~
  5. I get one every year and it is the absolute worst. It ususally starts right after the fisrt hottest day. Unfotunately it has to take its couse, I just lay there and take things to relieve the symptoms. Feel better PP, get plenty of rest, drink fluids, and find something to supress the cough and sneezing.

  6. That's EXACTLY what I have!! I passed on the antibiotics for the time being though. Since it is viral, the antibiotics won't do anything for you unless it really gets bad or hangs on for over 10 days. I threw in the towel and stayed home today. I was exhausted yesterday. Still hacking like the old lady I am, but at least I can get some rest. I was a total IDIOT to go to work yesterday....:push:

    The only good news to all this is having no appetite for the past 8 days, I've lost around 7-8 pounds. It's nice to see a few pounds fall off, but don't recommend it as a diet plan. :yucky:

    gloss_gal, Thanks! I've been doing just that. This thing seems resistant to benedryl, sudafed and Mucinex though. I finally gave up on it all last night, since I can't sleep when I take that junk, and used some Afrin spray. Slept a bit better though. Time to make some chicken soup I think! ;)
  7. Time to whine some more. I stayed home from work yesterday thinking I just needed some rest, but last night was the worst yet. I'm pretty sure I've got a sinus infection now. My face feels like it's going to blow off right now. I'm so miserable! :crybaby:

    Off to the Doc In a Box after I've had a shower. I hate doctors.... :push:
  8. I had the absolute WORST cold a couple weeks ago and got serious strep throat, too. It was so so miserable.