any other route to sell bags other than ebay

  1. i wanted to know whether there are any other ways like the consignment store or anything else i am not aware of here in the UK to sell bags .i have never ventured through eBay and i dont want to either .
    thanks for all ur help
  2. There are a few vintage places that have taken bags of mine - mostly Mulberrys from the early 1990s with a stray exception or two. It's much more effort and involved going to the store, showing them the bags etc, but I liked that - it felt more like handing it on to the generations to me! From memory, there was a shop in Covent Garden (Monmouth Street) and two in Notting Hill I sent things to . . .I know what you mean though, I'd love a reliable, honest and efficient alternative to the lion's den that is eBay . . .
  3. I haven't been a member of tPF forum for long, but I know you can sell them through the Marketplace on this very site!

    Also, if you're in London, there's a store called Bang Bang (well, two stores: one in Soho and one on Goodge Street) that will buy your vintage bags. They tend to have some really beautiful things and they know their stuff. The great thing about them is that if you're looking to buy as well as sell, they'll either give you cash or a higher amount in store credit. I've sold some Megan Park pieces to them.
  4. Oooh, what a tip (about Bang Bang - I know special rules understandably apply to the Market Place here) - thanks so much. Do post more, please!