Any other plus size girls on here?

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  1. I'm starting to workout so hopefully I will not be plus-size, its hard to shop!

    I basically buy my clothes at Macys (women's section), Lane Bryant (but some of the stuff makes me look bigger), sometimes avenue but the quality isn't that great

    where else is there to shop? I'm a size 20, and would like to be a size 12 or 14....I'm wondering how long it will take me to get there.

    So in the meanwhile, where else to shop?
  2. im currently a size 22 (i was a 26 18 weeks ago...with help of weight watchers woohoo and exercise) I shop @ torrid for really cute tops etc & lane bryant for jeans& pants unfortunately there aren't many places to shop that carry things that DONT look like you ripped down your mother's drapes hoping to get down to a size 12-14 also but it takes tons of work and even more patience just do it in a helthy way. i was a yo-yo dieter for a long time and finally found a program that works...good luck to you :smile:
  3. I am a size 16 and trying to get smaller. I have been shopping at Old Navy and Steve and Barrys since they aren't very expensive. Old Navy goes to a size 20 in the stores and if you get clothes from the Bitten line and Steve and barry's they will go to a size 22. Just be advised that these clothes are cut smaller so you may have to go up a size.
  4. I like JJill for simple skirts, capris and tees.

    Lately Lane Bryant and The Avenue seem to stocking inventory for plump prostitutes. Skirts are TOO short!
  5. I'm a 12, but one of my close friends is a 20... Every time we see each other, we go shopping together, and she rarely has a problem finding stylish clothing. (She's a law student, and interns at a large firm, so she has to wear business clothes 5 days a week.)

    Some of her favorites:
    - Gap (jeans)
    - Lane Bryant (jeans, work pants)
    - New York & Company (almost her entire work wardrobe, hah hah!)
    - Ann Taylor Loft (tops)
    - H&M (trendy stuff)
    - Old Navy (teeshirts)

    She has great taste and always looks put-together, and for the most part, rarely has any trouble finding clothes she likes and can wear from regular stores.

    She also told me that she has been working out and has dropped a size since last I saw her. Right now, she's gone from a 20 to an 18, and is hoping to get to 14-16 for her upcoming wedding. So, no worries, it can be done!
  6. At one time I use to wear a size 20, but now I'm down to size 12-14. In skirts and pants I wear 12 and because I'm busty I have to wear 14 in tops and dresses. My favorite store to shop when I was bigger was Ashley Stewart. Their clothes are really fashionable. Some stores sell ugly clothes for bigger sizes.:tdown: I always say that just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I don't want to look good.
  7. I tend to buy a lot of stuff from Old Navy and Lane Bryant, with occasional stuff from Macy's & Target.
  8. I'm a size 14-16 depending on brand. Don't crucify me, but I like shopping at Target, NY and Co., and JCPenney. They all have bigger sizes with cute designs available. Especially NY and Co. (or Lerner). I like to get my basics there (tanks, yoga pants, plain ts, everyday blouses).
  9. I'm a 14 now (been straddling 14/16 but I'm trying to get down to maybe a 10) and NY and Co. is my absolute favorite store....they only go up to an 18 though. I also shop at Old Navy, Gap, Target, and Macy's. Its hit or miss at Lane Bryant for me....I'm top heavy so most of their tops fit across the chest but look like they're just hanging around my waist. They recently closed the Torrid here but I could usually count on them for cute tops.
  10. About 8 years ago I decided to loose weight and went from a 16/18 to an 8/10. It took me about a year to do it, and I have kept it off since then (I had a baby a year ago and am a 10 right now, although I weigh what I did before I got pregnant). Since I am pear shaped, I was still able to wear tops in the "misses" dept. But I did shop Old Navy, Gap, Lane Bryant, Banana Republic, Nordstrom. I think that as you ladies are trying to loose, pay closer attention to your accessories. They will stretch your look, and Although you will buy some clothes as your weight drops, I wouldn't buy anything too expensive. If you want to indulge buy a bag or jewelry.
  11. Good idea! I feel like some of the clothes I have now are too big since I've started to exercise, but not everything is too big yet, so I feel like I'm stuck somewhere in between!

    I have to remind myself that I won't see results quickly, to stay patient and the results will come....I'd love to be a size 14!
  12. could i just chime in to say that this is the PERFECT thread! i'm about to start work in a law firm soon and so far the search for suitable work attire has been dismal. i'm around a 12/14 and my grouse with places that carry plus-size clothing is that half the time, the clothes seem so frumpy or boring (on my 23 year old self, i guess). the recommendations on here definitely help so keep them coming ladies!
  13. Great thread! I fluctuate a bit, but I'm more or less a 16, at my largest I was a 22 and at my smallest a 14. I'm trying to get down to a 10-12, any smaller wouldn't look right on me, I don't think (I have a large build - broad shoulders, thick fingers, etc).

    As far as clothes go, I dress like it's my JOB. I feel like it's my duty as a plus-size girl to not look dowdy, frumpy, or like I'm ashamed of my body when I'm out in public. I usually wear dresses and sometimes skinny jeans. Most of my dresses and tops come from Anthropologie - a lot of their dresses are available up to a size 14, and many of them have elastic waists so that they hug your body at your thinnest part. I also buy trapeze dresses at normal-size shops and belt them at my waist so that they're fitted exactly where I need them to be - I've got Ella Moss, Rachel Pally, Vince, all kinds of dresses that aren't supposed to fit me). My skinnies are all from Old Navy, and if you choose carefully, you can find them in washes that look very high end (I've had multiple regular-size girls ask me what brand they were, expecting them to be designer). I also pay a lot of attention to my handbags (naturally) and jewelry in order to look put together - hey, accessories always fit!

    I actually never shop in plus-only shops. I find those clothes to almost always be incredibly unflattering on my body, they're always cut too big and blousey and long for me. I also try to edit myself very seriously when shopping, I don't buy things to try and follow friends unless they're very flattering as well.
  14. I like some of Nordstrom's stuff but its so pricey!

    Anyways, bumpin this thread up :wlae:
  15. I am 12-14 (UK size), depending on the brands I wear and I don't live in the US, so I buy mostly from Mango, Zara, Peacocks, Next. Online I shop DVF, HH I just tried, Mickeal by Micheal Kors.
    I used to be a UK 10, but 2 pregnancies that resulted in miscarriages, lots of hormonal treatments and PCOS on top and I piled on the weight. Working out now but really shopping fro clothes is a bit more difficult now!