Any other online sites carrying LAMB bags?

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  1. Aside from Saks and Nordies, do any of you ladies know other sites? Preferably ones where coupon codes are offered? :shame: I am new to the LAMB forum and would like to purchase my first bag but would be great if I can get a little discount! TIA!:flowers:
  2. Cashmere of Geneva is a great store/site and they offer a coupon code all the time for 7% off. Use either collectlamb or NDweblovescashmere (I'm not positive on the last one, haven't used it in forever but I'm pretty sure that's it)
  3. Here's more but I don't know about coupon codes for these: (they don't take coupons but there's a membership thing where you pay $30 for 10% off everything from them for a whole year)
  4. and
  5. Thanks for the tip, kwitt!!
  6. ShopBop has a code going right now (on their main page). You get up to $100 off depending on how much you spend.