Any other/new Lindy colors out there?

  1. I know about Rose Dragee, Etoupe, Potiron, Blue Jean, Gold, and Black in either swift and/or clemence.

    Has anyone see, heard of, or ordered others?

    Thanks - just curious! :p
  2. Brighton Blue and white.
  3. There is a listing of what said to be Gris Tourterelle in Clemence on eBay, but it looks like Etoupe to me.

    Not aware of new colours for Lindys. Maybe the follks in Paris can let us in on what new colours would be coming out!
  4. Brighton Blue! That's going to make some ladies go crazy I think. Thanks, HG.
  5. Rouge Garance and Ebene as well.
  6. ^^ orchids, I guess RG would be in Clemence. What about Ebene?
  7. I was told Clemence for both RG & Ebene.^^
  8. We need some pics in here! I need a visual of all these gorgeous colors!
  9. MaggieD!! Where ARE you?????? :p
  10. So FF....thinking of a possible new bag???:graucho: I saw the 30cm rose dragee IRL at my store a week or so ago and it is one gorgeous bag!!
  11. I agree!
  12. I have recently learned from an undisclosed source (who has approved this post :p ) that this bag comes in turquoise swift. Can I say Absolutely Drop Dead GORGEOUS???? Several times???
  13. ^^ Turquoise Swift would be TDF! Absolutely divine! :yes:

    Hermes experimented with this new colour in the Bebop.
  14. i believe a friend got a vermillion in swift. too cute!
  15. I'd love raisin swift.