Any other multi sectioned bags besides Blake?

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  1. I'm dying for a Blake and haven't had much luck with the ebay hunt recently. Are there any other MJ bag styles that have multiple interior sections? Not just one big opening, but, like the Blake, a couple sections of the bag.

  2. try the ines!
  3. the hudson, mix quilted e/w tote, and lera have three compartments too. there are a bunch of styles like that, but those are the only ones i can pull off the top of my head right now.
  4. :heart: KLEIN :heart: love the organization and the middle section zips.
  5. ^ditto!
  6. Also the Sophia. This has three as well. Older style but there are some on Ebay :yes:

    BTW, someone just posted a black blake w/ gold HW and white stitching in the Ebay Deals thread. It is $400 BIN
  7. i think the sophia is your best bet since it looks most like the blake. very cute and not too heavy! also cheap on ebay.
  8. Same as the Blake, the Hudsons, the Ines, the Seventies Satchel -- they all have the 3 main compartment system. The Swagger also had 3 compartments, but 1 zippered and 2 open. Marc knows a good thing...!
  9. The Alyona as well, 2 open ones that surround 1 zipped one.
  10. any particular color?
  11. black or dark brown blake would be my dream
  12. The Saloni has three compartments too.
  13. I didn't know the Hudson has three compartments! Huh. ;)
  14. That Eva is so pretty. That is the first time i have seen one of those.