Any other Mac users on here?

  1. Ok, my inner geek is getting the better of me... And no, I don't mean Mac the makeup, I mean Mac the computer!

    Anyone else on here use a Mac? I have my Macbook laptop that I bought last May, and I :heart: :heart: :heart: it!
  2. I've been using Macs since around 1989 ... my first one was a Mac Plus with a 9" black and white screen, a 3.5" disk drive, NO hard drive and 1 meg of RAM! Thankfully, things have evolved since then and I'm using a Titanium PowerBook G4. But ... I'm already itching for a new one since this one will be 2 years old this summer!
  3. My Mac is a digital hub for my life: music, pics, movies, ...

    I switched to Macs when they went with the UNIX operating system. I have a G5 Power PC. I love it!! With the new Intel based Macs that can be either windows or mac environments there is no reason not to switch to a Mac. I know so many people who have "fought" switching for so long. Then they tried the Mac and said "Why did I wait?"

    PS. I am a computer geek and used to program in Unix all the time.
  4. powerbook G4 here, too. got my first when i went to college.
  5. yup, my baby is a g4 12" powerbook that turns one in April. I love osx and I'll never go back to windows :sick:
    I'm dreaming of collecting g3 iBooks and iMacs.. they're so cute :love:
  6. luvvv my mac
  7. I just plugged in my new iMac (my littlest kid got the latest hand-me-down) and I have the 24" monitor now, I love it and I am going to have so much fun with my digital photos now! We are now a Mac household w/ a handful of laptops, a couple of iMacs, and iPods everywhere! (and it all started with my husband's first iPod I got him for Father's Day 3-4 yrs ago) They are the most user-friendly devices I have ever had the pleasure of working with. :yahoo:
  8. Once you go Mac, you don't go back. LOL

    I do have a question though. I have a powerbook G4, I can't seem to post smileys or pictures on here. Can someone at least fill me in on the smileys? thanks.
  9. i am on a MacBook that i bought in June. i remember that my first computer EVER was a mac and it was a hand me down from my dad who switched to a PC at the time...the mac was sooo old but in perfect working condition! i bet if we still had it it would work!

    all of my housemates also have macs (Macbook, MacBook Pro, and a G4)
  10. For images you upload them as attatchments or put it in IMG tags (the "picture icon" on top of the text thing here). For smileys you look at the different smileys and choose what you want to use. The
    mean :smile: for example. Sorry, that was somewhat badly explained, but I think there is better explanations in the feedback sub-forum or something..
  11. I got my iMac back in July '06!!!!! ...and it was love at first sight since!! :love: OMG! LOVE IT!!:heart:

    Dh got his Mac Pro shortly thereafter....he also LOVES it!!!

    LOL! Now our kids want Macs!! :sweatdrop:
  12. At home, i am on my 17" widescreen powerbook, which i :heart: :heart: :heart: to death...

    I started out with a Mac SE/30...oh yeah, who remembers brickles? Despair? Those were the games then?

    At work, UNFORTUNATELY, they still use PCs :yucky:
  13. I have a Mac iBook! I love it, I will never go back to a pc!!
  14. So I have to type in the code like its always colon, action, colon? Let me try this. :smile:
    Still trying, :yahoo: , :groucho: , :love: , :shrugs:

    I think I got it. Thanks. :yes:
  15. I work with both Mac and PCs but at home, I'm Apple all the way.