Any other Luella Bartley Lovers?!

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  1. I am a luella fanatic. I just love her bags! I think the quality of the leather is fabulous, and I love the heart details. I also really love her use of bows in her more recent bags. Although, I must say, I had some mixed feelings about her releasing a target line last year...I had spent a mini fortune on her bags, which I thought were ultra cool because my friends' bag IQ's doesn't go past Louis Vuitton, so they weren't familliar..and I thought I was special! I feel like it gave her bags a stigma for a short period of time, although obviously the lines were not even comparable! On the other hand, I was happy that she was able to get her name out, since I noticed a lot of luxury stores that had previously carried her were starting to show less of her bags. I also wish they sold her clothes in the US...Harrods was the best thing that ever happened to me when I was abroad! ha! any thoughts??? :heart:
  2. I miss her bags in the US too.. they still sell them in london and paris though.. I wish she would get more popular over here.. she is a great designer..
  3. My cousin has the Joni bag and it's adorable!
  4. I have to say,I used to really love her bags.The leather is a really durable leather. I have not used most of them in a while. I still really like my daria and anouk. Here are some pics for you.

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  5. Here are a couple more....

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  6. beautiful!!!! love the big pink gisele, i have the mini! i was obsessed with the carmen biker as well...ill post my pics tonight! :smile:
  7. I love your collection Samanthas Collection! :yahoo:

    I had a Luella Joni and a Giselle and I loved both but in the end I parted with them to make room for other bags. The Giselle was a little cumbersome to get in and out of but I loved the look of the bag and the Joni was just gorgeous - the leather outer and suede lining were amazing! :heart:
  8. Your collection is amazing! I have always wanted a Giselle and this makes me want one even more!
  9. I really love this brand but do not actual own anything from it. I have almost purchased a few times but then back out and go for an LV instead. I might look into getting one this summer, would love something in yellow.
  10. I used to love it very much. But I havn't seen them for a while in the states.
  11. here are some of my luellas! :yahoo:
    i studied abroad at oxford last summer and saw the little black carmen biker when i was in london at harrods for a day...after a few days i decided to purchase it, and i spent a good 50 minutes on the phone with the saleswoman to have it shipped out to me because we were having so much trouble understanding each others accents! lol

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  12. im also not showing the chain on the lilac biker because the leather broke in between the chains and i have yet to have it repaired :sad:
  13. I've always wanted a Giselle bag. I think they're so cute and the leather is so durable! I was actually just looking for Luella Bags on saks & neiman's websites but was unable to find anything...
  14. AKAelle, I wanted a carmen biker too. I was on such Luella overload at one point, I refused to sucumb even to the biker. I really like your red gisele. I just let both my giseles go.It was hard to do but i would not have sold it if it were red.Great color!

    Thanks for the compliment Balchlfen . I have seen your taste in bags and it is quite a compliment!
  15. viv-harrods has them on their website! im just not sure about shipping to the the pounds/dollar exchange right is pretty crappy...but since you would have to use a credit card youll get a better exchange rate. id also try the neimans last call sale..sometimes they put them away to bring them out...and bloomies in boca raton florida had them out over winter break