Any other legal download sites besides iTunes?

  1. OK I think I'm the only person that *doesn't* have an ipod!!! :wtf: I have a regular iRiver mp3 player which I use with mp3s that I converted from my CDs. As much as I like the ipod I just don't use my mp3 player enough to justify buying an ipod.

    However there are some songs that I would like to download but do I have to have an ipod to download mp3s from iTunes? Is that the only legal downloading site out there?

  2. There's Rhapsody, and you don't need an iPod to download music. You do need to register, and the music is very inexpensive to buy and download.

  3. is a good one, i think you can also download from There are a lot of legal download sites.
  4. Napster

    you can pay a subscription fee and downloads as much as you like each month there are different types of subscriptions so just find the one that's best for you
  5. is legal I think but also depends on the content you are downloading.
  6. No, you do not need an ipod to use itunes. Anyone can buy songs off of it.

    Amazon sometimes has free mp3, as does myspace (check the artist you're interested in page), you can buy a subscription to Napster, I know some radio stations sell songs on their webpages too.
  7. Thanks for the recs!

    I will look into rhapsody and napster and musicmatch. Now I can upload more songs into my mp3 player!

    Oh and in case I *do* get an ipod, the mp3s from these sites will also work on the ipod?
  8. I have noticed that on myspace, some artists you can download some of their songs for free.
  9. I'm researching for my ipod (when I get it) and ipod doesn't accept songs from music match.
  10. I currently have the iRiver PMC 120 and I use Urge or Limewire. My sister and cousin use bear share.
  11. I'd stay away from bear share as that installs a bunch of least it used to.
    If you want to "preview" music prior to your legal purchase, try That's what I use and pretty much everything I've ever searched for, it's had.
  12. I use rhapsody and love it. Used to use musicmatch, but didn't like it, so I switched.