Any other latin Coachies???

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  1. As many of you know I'm puertorican, as in born, raised and living here. Latin countries, including Spain, celebrate the day the three wise men reached Bethlehem to present their gifts to the God Child. It's on January 6th. The holidays last at least through that time, although here in PR we extend them 8 more days called the Octavitas!! That day we all exchange presents as we all do in Xmas and get together with our families. I know that in the States this tradition doesn't exist. I was wondering if the other latins Coachies do celebrate this day??
  2. we do! my sister just hinted that my mommy might have bought me something from coach =)

    I can't wait for tomorrow!! Hope you get something you like!
  3. Yes I have heard of, but unfortunately do not celebrate it. Well I hope you get great pressies.
  4. We do too. I'm hoping for something Coach. I'm so sad the our tree goes down tomorrow. Que pases un feliz dia de los reyes.
  5. Yup... here. I already ate the Rosca, I know early, but my mom got the baby and did not want to do anything!!! Well I am not sure if you guys do not do that! but no presents!
  6. I am part Mexican and Venezuelan born in Texas living in a border city. We celebrate it but not with gifts. Family and friends gather very much like Xmas then we eat, laugh, chat, and cut into the "rosca" lets see who gets the baby.
  7. I do as well! yes my boyfriend is telling me i should be expecting something small from Coach!!!
  8. We do the Rosca but we also get some presents. Its funny when I was younger my mom would tell me that los reyes could only bring something small because they came on camels =) silly i know.

    But I LOVE having an extended holiday season which goes beyond new years!
  9. My kids get gifts today for el Dia De Los Reyes. They each got boomerangs.
    We just have a regular dinner with some Pasteles and some Rosca de Reyes as well. I love that our tree stays up until today. Enjoy your Day.
  10. Wow!! Mas de las que esperaba. Here in PR la rosca is not a tradition. Some people from other latin countries do eat it (like my MIL who's spanish). We do exchange presents, smaller ones, and we (hubby and I) get things for our nieces and nephews. More importantly, we all get together today!!! :party:

    I got a wristlet (actually a couple of days ago), some Tous jewelry and BrainAge 2 for my Nintendo DS. No other Coach...:sad: Hubby mislead me!!! He made me believe he used his PCE to get me something...*gasp* they both went unused!!!

    Feliz Dia de Reyes, chicas!!!
  11. Hope everyone had a fab day. My small gifts were: a GC to my fave salon and some Gold steve madden flats....which are PERFECT because I want a gold sig stripe tote for the summer/spring!! lol i love matching my shoes to my purses
  12. My family celebrate as well! We are mexican american. :smile:
  13. No Coach for me but I did get a gorgeous pearl necklace from my mom.
  14. My mom is having a "little" get together today with "la Rosca" and everything to celebrate "El dia de Reyes". She bought presents for my daughter before she went back to Mexico. Sadly we dont celebrate it here. Its a great tradition like many other latin traditions. BTW I never take my X-mass tree down before "El dia de Reyes".
  15. We had a few guests over to "levantar el Niño Dios" [like my mom says it] on Saturday. I came inside and ate in my room because I wasn't feeling good and was tired. So I missed eating part of the Rosca which I had been craving since I bought it Saturday afternoon. :p

    Come to think about it, my mom didn't give me my present from Los Tres Reyes Magos like she usually does. Maybe she forgot. :shrugs:
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