Any other Konstantino fans out there??

  1. I am just in love with the Konstantino Treasures line. The pieces are massive and well done in silver and 18Kt. Here are a few of my pieces---sorry for the store pics, haven't taken my own yet. I also have another bracelet with a single charm, a lemon quartz drop (charm pictured). Would love to see pictures of other pieces my fellow TPF members may have!
    konstantino bracelet.jpg konstantino ring.jpg konstantino lemon drop.jpg
  2. A modeling picture!!
    konstantino lemo2.JPG
  3. I've never owned any, but I think they're gorgeous! Those are really nice pieces you have!
  4. I too have never owned a pice but plan to someday. I went to a truck show this past October and it was just the best!!

  5. Did you do a search? I've started a thread or 2. . . I may merge them, let me go see. . . . .
  6. I have a few bracelets with crosses on them, in mixed silver and gold. They're fun.
  7. Wow, that bracelet is stunning! I'm not familliar with konstantino, but browsing now.
  8. Swanky Mama of Three, thanks so much for noting the previous thread, I missed it. Great minds shop alike!!
  9. Just found this very old thread and just heard the other day about Konstantino jewelry. I noticed that ReRe is in Philly area. I am also. I'm about 10 minutes from King of Prussia Mall. Is there a place to try on Konstantino rings around here?
  10. Neiman Marcus at K of P Mall! Also, sometimes Neiman's Last Call outlet at Limerick has some pieces, but its random. I got a gorgeous bracelet there, I'm also had good luck on eBay.
  11. I must get to those outlets at Limerick! Thanks to you, I have now become interested in Juicy charms and Konstantino! Do you know if there is a Juicy outlet at Limerick?
    This is a little distraction - I was on my way to saving for a WG Cartier Love bracelet!
  12. I don't know about Juicy at Limerick, but Nordstrom occasionally puts charms on sale and I think Saks. There is a cartier boutique at K of P too. I tried on the love bangle a few weeks ago to figure out my size.
  13. I called Juicy at Limerick. They have around 12-15 charms at about 20% off and today the whole store is an additional 20 or 30% off. Too bad I can't make it. But they said they have these special whole store sales from time to time. I also called Last Call NM and they DO have some Konstantino pieces. I must get to Limerick soon.
    As far as the Cartier goes, I've been to KOP many times to visit my future LOVE. I need the size 17. I know they give a discount on the watches. I'd be thrilled if they do a discount on bracelets but I don't think they do. Are you in the suburbs? We live in Montgomery County.
  14. I'm in Delaware county. Would Juicy mail the charms,you could always look at them on line.I wonder what Konstasntino pieces they have, I might need to make a trip. Cartier did have a recent special something about $1000 off if you spent so much, plus they made a donation to a cause...but i think it was only until end of January but it doesn't hurt to ask.