Any other Hapas/Multiculturals?

  1. Inspired by the interracial dating thread, I though that I would start a thread for those of us who are products of interracial marriages. How many of us are there?

    1.)What ethnicity is your dad? What is ethnicity is your mom?
    2.) How old are you?
    3.) What was it like growing up?

    I'll begin:

    1.) My dad is Filipino, my mom is American Indian/French/Chilean
    2.) 36
    My mom's side of the family always referred to us as "Filipino" and my dad's side always referred to us as "American"; my Filipino relatives were much more accepting of us, so I have always loved that side of my family more, BUT they also always made me feel different. My grandmother would never speak tagolog to me and they always loved to make fun of my height (I'm almost 5'9")

    In school, I hung out with all of the other kids who didn't quite fit into any single category: the Persian mod, the Filipina skater chick, the irish-latino gay surfer.

    It wasn't until later that I began to appreciate never fitting into one pat category.
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    Come on, I know you are out there!
  3. My dad is vietnamese/ french, and mom is vietnamese. I'm 16, and growing up was finbe, because people could never really tell I was mized, they just thought I was one or the other.
  4. So, the term "hapas" means mixed? I've never heard it before.

    I doubt you'd consider me a hapas. :smile: I'm 25% Ukranian, part Native American, with a bunch of other stuff thrown in.

    However, I have two little cousins who are 25% Japanese and their two half sisters are 50% Russian. We're quite a mixed little family.
  5. 1.)In my fathers side we are Haitian Mullato's ( My fathers side has roots of being French,English,German-Jewish).The funniest thing about my Haitian side of the family is that everyone looks caucasian,and im the only one that looks ethnic.When people ask for my ethincity no one ever belives im half Haitian,its funny.My mothers is Dominican. Both sides of my family are very accepting.

    2) I am 17 years old

    3.) When I was growing up I felt abit left out all my life. The reason is because I cannot relate to anykind of nationality really. Also the fact all my life I have been abit Taller then most of the kids in my class, I have a natural honey tan,long legs,and super curly chestnut hair, I looked very diffrent.I dont look Haitian yet at a certian time of my life I didnt look Dominican. All my life people have told me I am "Exotic looking",I used to hate it because I felt like I wanted to belong to a certian group,but now I love the fact that I am diffrent looking,and people have no clue whats my nationality.
    People have asked me if I am of Egyptian descent to being Cuban!.
  6. I am not the product of a multiracial marraige, but my nephew is. His mother is Irish/German, and his father is Jamaican. He is only 6, so he is still growing up. He goes to a predominantly African-American school, so he has not really had any problems yet. But when he was 2 yrs old, I heard him whispering to himself, "Mommy's white, Uncle kev's white, I'm brown." So I was just like, "Like chocolate??" and he started smiling. I was sad though, that at such a young age he identified himself as different from the rest of us.
  7. Jadore, I know how you feel! I used to hate being referred to as "exotic," but I have gotten used to it. I have some Dominican friends and their families sound like yours: all different colors! I think it is so cool, though, that one pair of parents could literally create a United Nations from their genes.

    Faith, I feel for your nephew realizing at such a young age that he is different from his family. It's wonderful that he is in a school environment in which he does not stand out; I have had quite a few friends of mixed heritage who had attended all-white schools, and always felt different. They ended up fine by the time they entered college, but they still had a difficult experience growing up.
  8. My dad is full Navajo (native american) and my mom is full Mexican. I grew up being made fun of for being native. I lived in a mainly white city and I was hit in class and called every typical "indian" insult in the book by fellow classmates. So, yeah when I was younger I was ashamed of my culture. But today I as proud and I want my kids to be proud also. SO I teach them about the Navajo culture, I NEVER want them to feel ashamed like I was! I went to school with alot of *******s! And that was in elementary school!