Any other guitarplaying TPFers? (other instruments/singing welcome as well!)

  1. So here I was, playing guitar in my room while surfing TPF. Then I got wondering, was there any thread on guitars and/or playing in the forums? I searched, but found nothing. Then I figured I really can't be the only one here completely obsessed with my bags as well as my guitar, so I figured I'd start a fresh new thread! Everyone interested in playing please post!

    As for myself, my dad bought me a Yamaha C-40 acoustic guitar a month ago and I've been playing like crazy ever since! I've been doing great progress and my dad (who also teaches me) says that I've learned as much as most people do in a year :p (he does exaggerate a lot, though). I still have so much to learn, but being able to play real songs from start to finish feels so good. I also sing while I play, and if weren't so busy with school and looking for a job I would take singing lessons.

    Anyone else then? Singers, instrument players, everyone welcome to share their experiences!
  2. that's so cool!

    i used to play french horn. :smile:
  3. I play piano & violin.
  4. I really really really want to learn to play the guitar. Is it hard? I thought it'd be a good hobby to take up.
  5. I did chorus all through elementary and middle school, the last two years of high school and the last two years of college.

    I love singing.
  6. My dad plays the guitar,not professionally, but in my opinion he's good at it!
  7. I tried guitar but I didn't like it very much. :shrugs: I played piano for 10 years and flute for 6 years. I can play the drums too. :amuse:
  8. Another piano player here. All though elementary and junior high. I don't practice much nowadays 'cause my old piano is back at my parents', but I'll play the occasional piece at deparment stores or music shops LOL. I tried to pick up guitar a few years ago thinking it'd be so much easier because I already knew how to play piano, but for some reason it was IMPOSSIBLE. My then boyfriend and guitar teacher just gave up on me hehe.
  9. Good for you! It's always fun to learn a new skill and make music too!

    I study the flute and take lessons for an hour once a week. Next year, no matter what, I am getting a piano and learn to play. Then I think all my life long dreams will be fulfilled.
  10. I'm a music major - play the piano, flute, soprano sax and i sing :tup:
  11. I have a guitar but I never learned to play it. I just strum alog and pretend I'm a rock star. LOL.
  12. I used to play the bass, but I don't play anymore. Had a good setup, too - 4-string Ernie Ball Stingray, Ampeg SVT-III and an Ampeg 8x10 speaker cab.

    I started when I was 16, but after a long time, it just didn't appeal to me as much anymore. It was fun while it lasted, though :nuts:
  13. I do that when I air drum or sing into a hairbrush!
  14. oh my gosh, i just wanted to give you props just for being a music major man. You guys have it tough. In my opinion anyways!!!
  15. Gimmee a pair of spoons or an old whiskey jug, and I can rock out with the best of them... the best of the senior citizens in a jug band!