Any other football fans out there? Goes great w/ tPF

  1. I really like watching football with my DH and have always loved football...but usually get restless...but with tPF, I can do something too....Football and tPF, what a great way to relax on Sunday....add in Tivo, and you have the perfect afternoon/evening.
  2. I LOVE football!!!! Not so much NFL, but I am all about college football, Arkansas Razorbacks of course!!! We always have big game day parties, and I always have to take something for anxiety, because I get so into the game (more than my hubby, I think?!) Pig Sooiiee!!!!

    Any Texas Longhorn Fans in here? Arkansas vs. Texas is always a fun game to watch (watch for 2008!!)
  3. I love a lot of sports. Today we got to watch our Chicago Bears win their playoff game and our Michigan State Spartans won their basketball game! Life is good!:party:
  4. I just watched the SD Chargers lose to New England!!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    I'm so sad.... it was a great game nonetheless!
    Ok, I'll go back to my wallowing... Sigh.....
  5. I am so sad too :crybaby:
  6. SD Chargers lost, I had to turn to 24. Hoping any of the other 3 teams win it all.

  7. Me too..:crybaby: :crybaby:
  8. I only really pay attention to the Superbowl. Especially when the Patriots are playing.

    (Well, I watch the game for the commercials. I really start paying attention during the last half.)
  9. I used to go to my college football games. After I graduated, while I was living at home, I'd go back to my college town to catch the Homecoming game.
  10. I'm a fan of USC football:jammin:!
  11. This is just like our household on Sundays.
  12. I LOVE football! Even played fantasy football this year and won it all (yay, more money for a bag!) Can't believe SD lost - now i'm rooting for payton and the Colts to win it all!
  13. I didn't see the end of the 2nd game today--the Chargers were ahead when I switched channels! Darn! I was so hoping they would beat New England.:crybaby:
  14. boxermom - I was hoping too!!! SD just made a lot of avoidable mistakes :crybaby:

    :crybaby: :crybaby:
    It's such a bummer to end a perfect season isn't it? Sigh, I would have loved to see them in the Superbowl!!! :crybaby:
    Oh well, there's always next year! :drinks:
  15. I got hooked on pro football after meeting my BF. Now I watch lots of sports because he helps me understand them better! The Boise/OSU game a couple of weekends ago was the best football game for me this season.