Any other fans of American Apparel here ?


Feb 28, 2006
I only discovered that brand last year (EU here) but I absolutely LOVE it !! To the point I am addicted and always thinking to the next purchase online....
Strangely I don't buy the casual ordinary tshirts but go towards the "special" stuff I can't find elsewhere and that is truly AA style, like a specific color (neon yellow so hot here never got that many compliments ! for a tank top !) or the glowing lamé gold or silver stuff, or the dresses you can wear many different ways as tees or sexy mini dress....the casual streetwear style is me.
I got to experiment with their colors and found some that truly flatter my skin and brunette status, the prices are reasonable, the quality is also fine, the cut is good, their ethics are what got me into it, I totally bought into their ad images....
Looks like my wardrobe is being filled with AA, and CC not happy....too easy to click (only pb is the sizing-very small and confusing), I just needed to share, am I alone ???:rolleyes:
Jan 29, 2006
I love AA. I own alot of their deep v-neck tee's. Sadly though I ordered their gold leggings and they were god awful...I returned them immediately. I do like their new jeans line..I ordered their skinny jeans and they are surprisingly extremely comfortable with a slight stretch to them for movement.