Any other emerald lovers here?

  1. I love emeralds. Emerald is my birthstone - I'm born in May. I love the lovely green color, the true green of an uncreated, natural emerald. :yum: :heart:

    I think they are so elegant, unusual and beautiful, I've begun collecting them now and was wondering if anyone has an emerald collection as well? Please post pics of your emerald pieces, so we can all drool over them together. :drool::heart::drool:

  2. I love emeralds too! Maybe b/c my birthday is in May. I have the most beautiful 1.67 carat emerald ring with two diamonds on either side of it. I wish I could post a picture of it, but I don't know how.

    The next piece of emerald jewelry I want to get is an emerald and diamond pendant. After that, earrings.

    If you can post them, I'd love to see your pictures!
  3. I am a may baby too and love emeralds. I have two rings and one set of earrings. My dad got me a beautiful one when I graduated from college. Unfortunately I cracked the emerald. They're so soft I only wear them on special occassions.

    The ones that I have are set in yellow gold and I don't wear yellow much anymore. Hope to get some set in white gold or platinum in the future.
  4. Another May girl here. All of my emeralds are from my grandmothers collection. She liked to buy jewlery in all of her grandchildrens birthstones, knowing that she would pass them down to us. I wear the earrings sometimes but the rings are too big for me, I'll have to take them in.