Any other desi's in here, what foundation do you use?

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  1. Sometimes its hard to match skin tones and so I was wondering what other Indian girls used for foundations....

    I've tried tons (MAC, Lancome, Clinique, NARS, Make up forever, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, etc) and I'm still not completely happy with any of them....the closest though is Estee Lauder....I love Laura Mercier but I can't find a color/shade dark enough

    any ideas?
  2. Tinted moisturizer is the way to go.. if you don't like that, try putting on a bit of tinted face powder. That's what I do, I prefer a very sheer look...
  3. I use Mac Studio Fix. Look for the NC or C colors, they have more yellow in them. Just keep in mind that once it oxidizes it will get a little darker, so maybe go up a shade.
  4. I use Estee Lauder double wear. No other foundation has matched as much as this one
  5. I don't use foundation since I have never found one to match my skin so I'm interested in the responses
  6. no one uses bare escentuals?

    i loveee their powder and it's pretty versatile over our skin... i'm pretty light skinned (or so i'm told) but it still goes on pretty well.
  7. I forget the exact name of it, but I use a Clinique face powder.
  8. Try Iman. She has just about every shade for darker tones.
  9. 2'nd the tinted moisturizer rec, love love Kiehls tinted moisturizer and i pair that with Nars loose powder..
  10. my friend uses the dream mousse by maybelline.... or clinique...
  11. What kind of foundation are you looking for? I use the MAC Studio Fix compact and I love it. I used to use Clinque but MAC gives me much more coverage and evens out my skin tone. Also try the Maybelline Super Stay Sliky foundation, I think it's a really good liquid foundation for Indian skin, that really makes my skin even too.