Any other brands....???

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  1. Hi, again!

    There have been similar threads a while ago...As I posted a thread previously, I need something...from Hermes...But I am afraid that it would be another impulsive buying... Hermes bags are too expensive to make a mistake on...I don't like returning, because I don't want to get store credits...

    Anyways, should I buy a different brand bag(s) to minimize a chance of spending a big money as a mistake...? In another words, making a mistake at Hermes is expensive...So, should I try like LV or chanel...etc?

    I have been strictly buying ONLY from Hermes for a long time...for everything...clothings, shoes, bags, wallets, scarves, shawls, bathing...etc whatever Hermes carry....

    Do you guys still buy from other brands? I am kind of hesitant to buy any other brands right now since I haven't bought anything from other than Hermes for a long time...

    What is your experience with other brands or you don't buy from other brands at all? Thanks!
  2. Although I am trying to get my first H-bag, I still want and will buy from other designers. To me, I love the variety and different looks of many different designers. While some of the other designers might not be as exclusive or have the same level of craftsmanship, it is often nice to be able to grab a bag that you don't have to worry about damaging (rain, sleet, snow, whatever!) In particular, my Chloe, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci have been excellent. No regrets, and wonderful bags to wear and enjoy. Of course, I cannot wait to get my first birkin or kelly!

    But, that being said- you really should buy only that which you LOVE! You can never go wrong that way!
  3. I have been thinking the same thing.. am waiting for my cyclamen birkin which is not appearing so looked at other bags am still waiting for a prada gauffre tote that has not arrived in yet! and would love the new chloe paddington in nude metallic which has not arrived either !!am slightly frustrated ...I have a credit in hermes but am unable to buy as there is nothing new for me to buy ...the probelm is once you have a hermes bag anything else has to be a must have ,but in my situation those bags are in outer space waiting to arrive ...
  4. Birkin girl-I cannot wait for you to get that nude metallic paddy! It is going to be gorgeous! And the Prada Gauffre Tote is beautiful too!
  5. i love shoes and clothing from louis vuitton and lanvin, chloe, prada and chanel. but really i cant look at other bags anymore since Hermes. nothing from other designers appeals to me in handbags and accessories anymore since Hermes.
  6. I have accepted that there are too few H bags that I can 'pull off' so I really have to be flexible. I do love Chanel as well but again I am very limited by what looks good on me. I do have a couple of reissues that I love and I also have my eye on the cerf tote.

    Go with what feels right on you...
  7. My feelings exactly...I do love my birkin...and my Chanel shoulder bag...and LV for work... My birkin is "forever"...I find my Chanel shoulder bag goes places (without fear) that my birkin could not...

    "Fit" is a very significant factor for me...
  8. Thanks Jag am trying to be patient will post pics when and if it arrives !!!:smile:
  9. Right now I'm looking forward to getting a Chanel Cerf. I also love my LV bags and use my leather Coach bags all the time...especially if it's raining. I also have been looking at Goyard quite a bit. So far I just have a card case from them but I love it. I decided to go with the Cerf next because when I tried it on it was just "me" and it was one of those arrow through the heart moments when I saw it this weekend in ivory (I think that's what the color was called). :love:
  10. Variety is the spice of life!
    I think it's good to have a few pieces from other designers, then keep your H bags as your most special and treasured. As SoCal said, there are some places that Hermes bags are not appropriate, no matter how understated the style. I love my throw-around LV Speedy and my cute YSL flower clutch and a few others.
    My problem is not wanting to drop a LOT of money on overly trendy bags only to fall out of love with them in 1-2 years and not use them. I can afford a few H pieces every now and then, but I can't afford to ALWAYS buy the latest "thing" then ditch it once it becomes tired (to me, not necessarily according to what magazines and such say.)
  11. Oh dear.......I am truly lost to Hermes, girls. I am also of the opinion that variety is the spice of life but I'm getting my spice from things like shoes and clothes instead of leather goods these days. That said, I do have my beloved Chanel 255 re-issue that I won't part with and Mom's ancient Mono Speedy. I did buy a pretty terrific Gucci shoulder/sling bag while I was in Italy because my trusty HCL leather backpack fell apart....literally....on the street in Verona. So.....I guess I'm not totally gone yet.
  12. I too believe that variety is the spice of life! I think this question has been posed before, and I could never *just* have bags from one designer... they all have such a different look and feel. I love Bal for it's slouchiness, the fun casual look, I love LV for the durability and that I can use them in the Canadian snow with no fear, I love Chanel's freshness and creativity, I love BV's detail and workmanship...

    I could never just have Hermes... especially with clothing! Give me a Chanel and Gucci wardrobe anyday over Hermes! Might be just my personality, which fits with a "trendier" clothing, but more classic bags.