Any other brands with similar leather?

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  1. I love the leather of the LP Dylan line. I have two right now and a croco. Are there any other brands such as Balenciaga etc...that have a leather like this- something supersoft?

    Do you think LP bags are the best value for the money?
  2. ^ Check out Hayden Harnett and Botkier, most of their leathers are smooshy soft as well.
  3. Ignes's tinted leathers are amazingly soft as well, although they tend to be thinner than LP's leathers, I think. They're really hard-wearing, though, scratch-resistant and almost water-resistant too, and they need little babying.

    I haven't had personal experience with Hayden Harnett, but IA with toni, Botkier's leathers tend to be thick and soft too.
  4. ITA with what's already been said. I would also look at The Sak/Elliott Luca's washed leathers (such as The Sak's Silverlake line), and Tano's new plush leather bags for lower-priced bags that have leather similar to LP's.
  5. There are some Foley + Corinna leathers that are like the LP, notably, I have a cherry city clutch, and the leather is as soft and supple and thick as the LP leathers.
  6. I love MIU MIU leather bag
  7. Some of Kooba's bags are soft smooshy leather
  8. I agree with folks who said Botkier. Beautiful, smooshy leathers. Bulga has some beautiful leathers too.
  9. Botkier, newer Kooba, Gustto, Miu Miu and Prada all have buttery soft leather.
  10. I agree w/ tinted leather bags by Ignes, Be & D, Hayden Harnett, and Gustto. The Gustto Baca bag is soooo soft.
  11. Thank you for the responses ladies, this was very helpful. I think I will look into Botkier first!
  12. I bought the Botkier leather Venice hobo. The leather definitely is not as thick as the LP dylan. I wish it was thich but it is soft. Are their certain styles of Botkier that have the thicker, soft leather?
  13. I think Botkier's cowhides might be thicker, but still very soft. I own two Botkiers in cowhide (James Hobo in Deep Purple cowhide, and Trigger in Black cowhide), and the leather's fairly thick but still soft. It may not be as thick as LP, but it doesn't strike me as particularly thin either. Botkier's website states what types of leathers are used for each style, in the dropdown menu for colour options. HTH!
  14. Thanks for the advice Starkfan, I will check the website.