Any other Balenciaga lovers impatiently waiting for it to be sold near you?

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  1. I keep hearing over and over from my various SAs at Nordies (and Neimans and Saks) that the Nordstom at Mall of America will be "getting Balenciaga soon" Its super frustrating especially since I keep putting off purchasing my first B-bag till I can see all the colours, size ect IRL to make a more informed decision. I could have my local Neimans order a bag for me but I really want to explore my options and can't really have them order me 10+ bags. I am lucky living so close to both a LV (I live 5 mins walk away) and many other nice store but it sucks not having the thing I want the most.

    My LV and Chanel SA have discussed how many brands (like balenciaga) are more reclusive and not as motivated by commercial succes such as brands as gucci and LV where the information o everything comming out is readily available and all the bags ect are online.
  2. I love the Nordstroms at Mall of America!! I have been there several times and they do have have a great handbag department too. I surely hope they will hurry and get the Bbags, because then I can shop for them whenever we come up. Do neither Sak's or Neiman's there in Minneapolis carry them??? Can't believe that. Looks like SOMEONE in Minneapolis would carry them as it is a large city!
  3. Nope. You can order through Neimans but thats just not the same. Minneapolis is all about the Coach.
  4. I wouldn't say MoA's Nordies is all about Coach. They have a quite nice Chanel handbag section and other brands as well. I would be thrilled to see them carry bbags!!!!!! I would LOVE to try them all on and choose my own leather!!!!! I hope there is some good news soon- that'd be awesome!!!!!!!