Any other backpack styles that's similar to Elliot Lucca Teba Convertible Satchel?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I'm currently looking for a bag/backpack that is similar to this Elliot Lucca Teba Convertible Satchel/Backpack because the Elliot Lucca bag is currently discontinued. I love the style of it and how it can be a satchel or a backpack. I would love to use a bag like this as a backpack because it's fashionable, yet functional. This bag was also seen on Pretty Little Liar as Aria's backpack.


    If you guys can help me that would be great! I know Marc Jacobs have a bag similar to this but it's around $500 and way too pricey for my budget.
  2. I'm looking for the exact same thing!! I ran across a Elliott Lucca Teba on Ebay last week but was outbid. That's the only one I've seen online.