Any other "30/40 something's" out there??

  1. I have just gotten bitten by the LV bug :smile:, and I think that this forum is so fun. It seems that most on this forum are young (and fun :smile:). I am 42, and I was just curious how many 30-40 something's are out there??? And, what i your favorite LV bag??
  2. I just turned 50. My favorites are my Batignolles Horizontal, and my two mono speedies (25 and 30). I also have a Damier Speedy.
  3. I am 40+ and have been collecting LV bags since I was around 18. They last forever. I think right now my favorite bag is the Neverful MM. I just love all the room it has. But I have a tendecny to switch my bags around. Sometimes I will carry my cherry blossom pochette for weeks and love having a small bag with feels so light and other times I carry larger bags and seem to have everything in them. I am thinking of getting a vernis bag soon. Hubby wanted to buy me one for Christmas but I can't make up my mind. I do not rush in to purchases and really have to think that I will LOVE the bag.
    I have a vernis ludlow wallet, agenda and cles and really love them. I like the reade PM but don't know if the bag is too small????
  4. I just turned 35. It's so hard to choose my favorite but I say my mono speedy 30 and my green perfo speedy are my faves. Welcome to the PF and I agree, this is such a great place - I would have way too much free time if I didn't have tpf.
  5. I am 40+ also and just love reading about LV on tPF. Its nice to know there are other people that share my LV obsession. I have learned alot about LV on tPF. If I had to choose, my current favorite bag is the Tivoli pm though I use Le Confident alot.
  6. I'm 39 and got my first LV when I was 31. This has been my first full year as a hard-core LV buyer. It's been such a good year that I'm having a hard time answering your question. The bag I seem to reach for the most lately is my black neo cabby MM. It's comfortable, has a lot of room and looks good with just about anything. Before the cabby, my most-used was my cerises bucket which is taking a well-deserved break. Come spring (or possibly sooner), I'll be taking the rubis neo bucket out for a spin.

    I agree this forum is young and fun but sometimes, we older LV-ites need to express ourselves, too. Do you think we should start a 30-something and up club?
  7. My Mom is 45, she loves the Beverlys that i've got her, also the Alma and especially the monogram satin clutchy thing :smile:
  8. I'm in my thirties and I think my husband ever regrets buying my first LV. But at least I can blame him for my addiction. Right now I couldn't pick only one as a favorite, but hopefully the one under the Christmas tree (staring at me asking me to open it) will be my new favorite.
  9. My fav is the BH, LH, speedy of course..
  10. I will be 40 in a few months. I just started collecting LV this year. I was bitten by the LV bug really hard. I don't ever see myself stopping. I just wish I started collecting earlier.

    I try really hard to change bags every day if not every other day. I don't really have a favorite. I just have a few I don't like as much.
  11. I'm 38 and just got my very first won't be my last!! It's the Neverfull MM.
  12. I'm in my forties. I love my Damier Saleya GM. I also have a Passy GM and an Illovo MM that I really like. I use the Saleya as a carryon as I travel for business. I also use the Passy for business, but the Illovo is my everyday bag.

    I also have an Epi Petite Noe and Lussac I'm not too crazy about. LOL
  13. I'm 38 and my first LV was the miroir pochette that my husband encouraged me to go into the intimidating LV store and actually talk to an SA. (I'm really sure he regrets this now.) I've now got tons of LV bags and accessories. I couldn't have afforded this any earlier in my life. I think these are going to be the best decades yet!
  14. I just turned 49... and, today my favorite bag is my framboise brentwood with framboise zippy wallet. Yesterday it was my black MC Lodge GM. I love them all so much, I just can't pick one. Welcome to TPF!
  15. Oh MY I feel old or maybe just GROWN UP because I actually fit into this cat. well I'm soon to be 34 and am currently in Love with my new Tivoli PM, soon to receive my Trevi PM as well so maybe in love with both at the same time.