Any Orlando, FL gals? Need advice, please!

  1. Hi!!

    I'll be flying into Orlando, FL this weekend and staying for one night before boarding a cruise the next morning. My flight lands at 3pm so I'll have most of the evening to explore a little and get dinner.

    What would you recommend I do for that one night? Head over to City Walk? Any good restaurant recommendations? Night life? Good clubs? Must see attractions?

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance for all your help!!
  2. City Walk at Universal or Pleasure Island at Disney would probably be your best bets if you are looking for just an evening out before your cruise....These places can wear you down by midnight, even if you think youre take care to call it an early night so you don't miss your cruise!! The reason I know this, is that after a long night at Pleasure Island, my friend and I were definitely HURTING before the Disney half-marathon !!!!!! lol......
  3. Well, do you want touristy cheesy stuff or hang at places that Orlandoan's hang?
  4. Since I live in o-town all I am gonna recommend are the typical tourist places: Disney, Universal, Citywalk, Downtown Disney...blah blah blah. We are so programmed here:roflmfao:. I will say if you can, check out Mall at Millenia(Disney for fashionistas) and the Premium Outlets