Any ORANGE Coach items?

  1. Orange is one of my favorite colors, but I have trouble finding nice orange bags. I have a Kate Spade Elena in pumpkin, which I love, but that's it. I've seen nice Cole Haan and Francesco Biasa's in orange. I love the LV Epi leather in Mandarin, but it is discontinued and getting harder to find. Dooney has a very pretty orange color, but I don't like the styles. So...what about Coach??

    Do you know of any orange Coach bags and/or accessories? The only orange I am aware of was the Ombre line from a year or two ago.

    Any suggestions? TIA!!
  2. The new Bleecker Rust is a pumpkiny orange color. Also the Signature Stripe in Vermilion.
  3. i've seen some signature and orange shoes at macy's and bloomies recently so i think they may do a signature and orange bag pretty soon...
  4. In the thread "Found a new bag...Lily clutch or wristlet"

    There appear to be some new things with orange. I remember seeing a wallet with a turnlock, sig fabric and orange leather trim(it looked orange anyway). I think it's from the Resort collection.
  5. I have the orange flower coin purse I got at my outlet for around 40 bucks, they might just still have some around!
  6. That orange wallet caught my eye right away!! Now if they'd only skip the signatures :tdown:and do it all in orange leather:tup:, it would be the perfect wallet:yes:.
  7. Too cute!! You found that at an outlet?? Lucky you:okay:. I've seen them on eBay, but they are usually a lot more than $40. That one is going on my "lookout list".
  8. I'm not a huge orange person(I do dress my 2 boys in it alot) but I really like that wallet esp. the inside!
  9. I got this bag at the outlet a couple years ago. I know that's not helpful, but wanted to show off a picture of my orange bag!!
  10. You just have to keep your eye out unfortunately. I have a friend who is a HUGE orange fan, so I keep looking constantly. She got the Orange Ombre tote and that one is spectacular! Coach comes out with lovely orange items on occasion, but I do agree that it is more of a spring/summer release color.
  11. Coach should release a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern charm for cute would that be?
  12. they had signature orange bags a few years back, there's pics in one of my old lookbooks.

    Tangerine Signature Soft Demi No.6371 retail $168
    Tangerine Signature Demi No.6094 $138
    Wristlet No.8365 $48
    Bandana No.2574 $38
    Crusher Hat No.2611 $128

    There was also orangeish leather bags from the same year:

    Hybiscus Coach Soho Leather Small Hobo No.9541 $168
    Small Leather Pocket Flap No.1446 $248

    There was also a few Orange/Pink leather legacy accessories and and orange with gold C's barcelet.
  13. That orange coin thing is adorable!
  14. Very cute! I've never seen that one before, but I like it!