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  1. In August of this year I purchased a medium Prada Galleria bag. I have not carried it often, possible five times on short trips such as lunches. It was not used as a work bag. In early September I noticed some white substance appeared on the front of the bag.
    Also, about the same time it seemed there was an apparent piece of missing leather on the under side of the handles. I treated it with Cadillac leather treatment and the front problem improved but the handle did not. The bottom front of the bag appeared to be bulging as if the leather had stretched. I finally realized the white on the front was probably peeling leather. Luckily I purchased it from Nordstrom so I phoned customer service to discuss the problem. They were very nice and agreed to exchange the bag. I feel very fortunate that I purchased it from Nordstrom and not Prada directly.

    Has anyone seen this happen in other Galleria bags.? When the exchange bag arrived it appeared to be a higher quality bag. I can't help but wonder why this happened. Was it a fluke or what? Since this bag cost almost $3000 I hope the new one lasts. Any comments?