Any opinions on this Sac Garconne?

  1. This is an older YSL but is in brand new condition...would you buy for $250?I am seriously considering it...any opinions?:confused1:
    DSC00553.JPG DSC00559.JPG
  2. I think it looks like a reliable bag that you could pull out 10 years from now and it will still look great. I also think the hardware and color would make it a great fit with jeans. You could definitely get your money's worth for only $250 since I think it's the type of bag that would get a lot of use.
  3. I think it's a lovely bag!
  4. It's great! But just 250$ sounds too good to be true!
    Look out!
  5. this was at an outlet,hence the unbelievable price.there were several ysl fringe bags too in suede, suede-leather mix and just leather,also at wonderful prices!thank you for your opinions,ladies!appreciate it!
  6. got this one from harvey nichols for $300 before the other unsold bags got sent to the outlet!:p
    ysl hobo3.jpg ysl hobo2.jpg ysl hobo1.jpg ysl hobo.jpg
  7. ^I think the Sac Garconne would look great with the outfit you're wearing in those photos.
  8. So You must get it! It's such a nice bag. I love your style as well! I'm totally in love with white shirts:p