Any opinions on this one?

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  1. [​IMG]I thought I liked this but now I'm not sure. This is know as the S&M bag by Isabella
  2. It's pretty. I like bags with buckles. Does it come in black? For some reason I think it would be nicer in black.
  3. This is the only color I've ever seen-
  4. I saw this one in person the ther day and didnt care for it. the leather was a funny, smooth texture....almost plastic looking and the zippers were too overwhelming.

    I saw the large carina as well and didnt care for it. Isabella fiore bags are always a hi or miss with me....I either love 'em to death or hate 'em.
  5. I purchased it, and then returned it. I didn't like the pulls on the zippers....this style of the IF Metal Of Honor, called the Ingrid Messenger, is also heavy.
  6. Don't like it...somehow it's too "macho" for me..