Any opinions on this messenger?

  1. Gucci

    I've been looking for a messenger bag and was wondering if anyone had this and if they liked it. I was wondering if it's comfortable to wear, and if it would hold a wallet, keys, sunglasses case and a few other odds and ends. Thanks!
  2. I actually like the Britt messenger in brown trim better.its only 700 ish and its a lot nicer..IMHO
  3. a friend of mine just got it in black. she loves it! she said its a good everyday bag.
  4. It looks like a really nice bag. I bet you'll get tons of use out of it.
  5. Thanks for your opinions. I'll take a look at the Brit messenger too.
  6. That's nice, but I prefer the eclipse messenger. I like a lil more hardware. :greengrin: