Any opinions on the Montsouris MM backpack??

  1. I really want this and am not afraid of the vachetta bottom or straps..does anyone have this and if so pros and cons would be greatly appreciated:smile::smile:
  2. I have the large one and love it!
    I got it used off eBay so the vachetta was already broken in, but it is in great shape! Doesn't look used at all, just a nice patina.
    I know a lot of people hate backpacks, but I like them. I can't stand handheld. I'm getting a Damier Soho too.
    Anyway, I don't find the large all that big. Not sure on the size of the medium.
    The large doesn't have vachetta straps so I can't comment on that part.
    Good choice IMO!
  3. i originally bought MM to use as a diaper bag....but it was too small for that and i ended up buying GM as well!!!! i like GM better, i didn't have to worry about strap.... bottom is pretty clean, still....... baby wipe takes all the dirt and water spots!!!
  4. i just dont like the shape, and would worry about using it as i would a backpack due to the vachetta being so tempermental. what about a damier tote?

    im just the naysayer, don't mind me.

    plenty of others around here have them and love them.

    sorry if these sound like contraindicting statements!
  5. I have the MM and I would recommend getting the larger one. It really is small!!!!
  6. I have the large one also. I was set to get the MM until i tried it on the the store and it looked a little small. It was my second Lv after my speedy 30 and I still like it. I keep my keys and cell phone in the outside zip pocket otherwise it can be a little hard to get into quick.
  7. Thanks ladies..