Any opinions on the Dalvy bag?

  1. I just saw this from Luxury-Zurich, and it's appealing, but I'm not so sure about the single handle. It reminds me of the Kelly, which I already have in a few colors, and which I find hard to get in and out of, but of course that doesn't keep me from buying more of! I'm looking for a little something to mix it up - but it must be Hermes, of course!

    eBay: 3612 auth HERMES gold ostrich Dalvy Handbag Purse Bag (item 150083675438 end time Feb-20-07 12:30:00 PST)

    Any thoughts are appreciated! (you know who you are)
    I'm loving this forum. It's almost as addictive as the bags themselves!
  2. ^Well, I'm quite useless to you wrt leathers, authenticity etc. Praticality, here's how I feel about it, it's only got 1 handle, wouldn't it be a little lop-sided when you put stuff in there? As it only comes with 1 handle, you must close it, so can't really hold a lot. Otherwise, it's a beautiful bag.
  3. Thanks, Gina B! You're a doll. I'm toying with the idea...not sure if I want to stray from habit just yet, but considering!;)
  4. Always nice to have options. ;)
  5. Emma, I LOVE the sleek lines of that bag...just timeless and elegant. Great color as well. :yes: