Any opinions on the Croissants? Pochette or MM?

  1. I just sold my Pop Long and am looking for a shoulder bag. I am considering these 2 bags, I have the Pop Haut but haven't used it and might return it...Can't decide!!!...

    Anyone own one of these and have any opinions???

    Thanks, this is the only place that understands such shoulder fashion indecision....:biggrin:
  2. i really like the pochette! i reckon its small enough to take everything you want when you go out for dinner! I like the Monogram and Epi pochettes!
  3. I got the small Croissant for my mom for her birthday last year.

    One thing I noticed is that when you put too much stuff in it, the zipper sort of gets stuck in the middle of the purse when you try to close it. She can easily fit her French purse wallet, cell phone, keys, lip gloss and a comb - but I had to convince her to stop trying to stuff her camera in there!

    I can't handle small purses, so it's not for me. It's a really nice looking bag in person. My mom absolutely loves it.
  4. i like the pochettes too, but think the size is a little small for everyday. not too crazy about the croissant. for shoulder bags i like the thompson street (vernis), that style also comes in monogram canvas and damier...those are called musette tango's i think...did you see the lodge pm or eliza multicolor bags?
  5. I really like the croissant, the PM especially. It's a shape that's really hard for replica makers to make, so you'll see very few fake ones.
  6. I love the PM its on my want list!!

    I WANT IT!

  7. Just picked up a Croissant PM this weekend, but I think it might go back to the shop for something else. It really is too small for anything but the bare necessities, and is just a little too large for a proper evening bag. Will you be using this bag for everyday wear?
  8. Thanks for the opinions. This would be an everyday, casual bag. I want something that will hang closely under my arm, and I prefer the monogram canvas. Is the Croissant PM the same as the MM? I couldn't find it, do you think it doesn't hold that much, I can really pack a bag full of stuff!

  9. my mom has a croissant MM. it fits her wallet (PTI wallet size), coin purse, planner, and a few other things. i bought it for her like 2 years ago because she loved the shape but honestly, it's a bit too small for her and is currently looking for a bigger bag. if you like the shape of the croissant, why dont you look at tulum? it's similar in style but fits A LOT more. it looks surprisingly good when you put it on than when sitting on a shelf.
  10. I like the shape of the tulum bag, but the strap seems long and isn't adjustable. Any thoughts on the looping bags, it doesn't seem that their straps would be comfortable...
  11. I love pochettes! I have a few different ones and use them all the time. It depends on how much stuff you need. I can fit keys, phone, perfo plate, and make-up in a pochette. I keep it under my arm at all times when out. No worries about forgeting it or anyone nicking it. If you have more than that to carry, stick with the croissant or BH.
  12. I like the croissants! I have the "granddaddy" of Croissants - the Croissant GM. If you are choosing between the pochette and MM, I'd pick the MM - there's more room, hence more options, space-wise. But, if you want a bag that just carries the essentials, then the pochette would be a good choice.
  13. I like the pochette.

  14. Oh, I just carried my pochette croissant today :smile: My first-ever monogram bag. :yes: I love the size of the pochette, because it's a good size bag without looking really big on me.

    This is the only picture I have of it in my gives you a size-comparison.


    I can fit:

    Ludlow (small wallet), cles with keys, phone, gum, lipgloss, with room to spare if I want to slide in my digi cam.
  15. Thanks so much for the pic! The bag looks great on you and it helped confirm how stylish it looks! :yes:

    I think I am hedging toward the MM, I am tall and carry lots of stuff.
    I carry the PTI, so I'm afraid that is all that will fit in the pochette.

    I have resorted to creating paper pocketbooks to compare sizes-are there levels of pocketbook insanity, because I think I just reached a new one!

    Thanks everyone for your help-I checked out all your suggestions!:rolleyes: