Any opinions on the canyon quilted primrose satchel (style 38295)?

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  1. I saw this in the store yesterday & took a closer look. The turquoise color is what initially drew me to it but then I noticed the design. I REALLY liked that you could clip the sides down to create a more structured satchel. Is this a new style & if not, did the sides always have the ability to clip down? I really like the black/chalk patchwork one & am curious if anyone has one or any general opinions on it. This is ths first bag outside of the 1941 line that has my interest. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  2. This is a new style! I am also interested in the turquoise, but I didn't get a close look at them. I think the Quilted one is very pretty & would be a great everyday bag - it reminds me of the Sophia or Juliette.
  3. My mom and I were just looking at the black/chalk patchwork one tonight and we loved it!!! Very pretty style! :smile:
  4. Well, I had a chance to take a closer look at this bag. Saw it in fog at Bloomies. I don't care for the look of the bag with the edges up so I folded them down and hooked them to see what it was like. Sadly, although I like the look of the bag much more this way (which is what drew me to it in the first place), once those edges are down, I personally think it was hard then to get into. Pinning the sides down caused the zipper to be pulled tight so as not easy to open up at all to see the contents in the bag. Oh well...
    Thanks to all for your thoughts/opinions! I am really happy to see Coach adding details such as these (and the outsize zip which is always a plus for me)...
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