Any opinions on Sophia Visconti handbags?

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  1. Hello, I wanted to find out what everyone's opinions of the Sophia Visconti handbags? Why do you like/dislike them. Thanks I just wanted to see if I were on the same page as everyone else!;)
  2. WOW, no replies??? come on help me out-:tup::tdown:
  3. I have actually seen them in person. Gorgeous! the leather is great quality. Details on the bags are beautiful. That is why I was asking if anyone had heard of them.... I would have thought with the quality of these bags they would have been 1) more expensive and 2) more popular! I put one of them on my shoulder and it was like other bag felt this good!Seriously, I will be going back to get it!! I just wanted to know if these bags popular, but I guess not! I know I will be carrying one!!! AWESOME, you gotta check them out in person, for real!:tup: You don't have to pay in the $500.00 range to get a beautiful quality bag, check these out!