Any opinions on Michael Kors Large Patent Chestertown?

  1. Hi all, I just came back from a Michael Kors store and loved the large Chestertown Satchel in Cherry/patent. The red wasn't too bright and I loved it. Any feedback from anyone?
  2. I was wondering about this bag as well! ^Did you end up buying the bag?
  3. Do you have a picture?
  4. I like it -- enough to try it on, and I'm extremely picky. On me it didn't look quite right (I wanted a little more drop than 7"), but I think it's a great design in a fun color!
  5. That was so nice of you to post regarding the bag I liked on sale. What a nice savings that is too....

    Well, I ended up going with the Michael Kors cherry patent (crinkle) large Astor satchel. I can't wait till it arrives soon....

    But, I still love the Chestertown maybe in the medium size too.

    I agree with you about the drop, it wasn't long enough and then you ended up carrying it , but it seemed a little to big for that too. Sometimes when I look at a handbag for the second time, I notice more things about it both positve and/or negative....

    Now, the drawback to the one I bought , appears to be that it's not a shoulder bag.

    But, it's really cute. Anyone familiar with the Astor? The cherry patent seems a hard one to track down.
  6. Congrats on your purchase! Can't wait to see pics! Not familiar with the Astor, sorry!
  7. That's a really cute bag!! Post pictures!!
  8. hmmmm not my style, but it looks like a great bag