Any opinions on Gustto handbags?

  1. I just love the big Baca and the Setela bag from Gustto, about ready to buy them...has anyone purchased this brand and what do you think of it? What about the price (Baca - $760; Setela - $645) -too high? Thanks!
  2. I've been debating over the Setela and the Sabuca for weeks now. Have you seen the Baca IRL yet?? I did, and it seemed almost too wide to carry over the shoulder comfortably. At least it felt that way under my shoulder with the bag between my arm & body. The price does seem high, if I decide to purchase one, I will definetley wait to buy it from a website where I can use a discount code, get free shipping, and no sales tax. They have the bag at my local Nordstrom, but decided to wait to save on the tax. I really love the leather on these bags . . but still the price has been the only thing keeping me from purchasing. There are some sellers on Ebay that sell them around $400 ~ but I am worried about it being fake or second quality. Although their feedback seems excellent.
  3. No, I haven't seen it IRL, but it sure looks good in pictures and I LOVE big bags since I carry the kitchen sink with me wherever I go... I am weakening because I found both on Label360 - Designer handbags, shoes and accessories. for 30% off with coupon code "handbag30".... I just wanted to see what everyone thought, most here are pretty savvy! Thanks for answering!
  4. I ordered a Gussto bag from NM 2 years ago and returned it b/c it was WAY to heavy and bulky. Plus I thought for the price it should have been a little nicer IMO
  5. 30% is a great discount! The best I found was 20% with the code shefinds

    hmmm . . I'm going to seriously consider the Gustto Setela in the dark brown. Let me know what you end up deciding. The bags do look awesome IRL.
  6. I too like those bags, but I think the price is too high!!! It's just not THAT special to me.
  7. I saw the bags for the first time in Nordstrom just recently. The leather is wonderful, but I noticed the hardware looked cheap and I just could NOT get used to the flourescent yellow lining either. The other thing I noticed was that the lining seemed to be made of really rough/low quality fabric. The bag I saw was close to $700 and for that I can almost buy a gently used Balenciaga on eBay.
  8. well the baca bag looks amazing IRL - however, i do agree that the price is a little pricey even with the discount.

    the leather is amazing - and my fav colors are the baby blue and wine colours.
  9. I pretty much agree with what others have said. The leather is nice, but for that price you could get a designer bag on sale. I have also heard horror stories of bad hardware. One girl's bag had rusty hardware! Not what I would expect from a ~$700 bag.
  10. I purchased a Parina bag from an ebay seller for $400 and I think its gorgeous. The leather is so soft and wrinkley and the bag is surprisingly lightweight. The hardware is a little bling bling, but it doesn't look bad on the caramel. Maybe not worth paying $700 for, but it is definitely worth $400.
  11. ive never even heard of these bags.. :sad:
  12. the Gustto bags have some interesting style, but they don't look like they are handbag makers. Soft leather, yes, but details are not attended to. The hardware doesn't look expensive, and the finishing is a bit amateur. Maybe they will mature as they put more product out there.
  13. Any pics?

    I think I have seen the small brown Baca being carried, and it is surprisingly nice. The unusual shape and hardware make it stand out, which makes its worth go up for me. These same features may make it a bit "trendy" for the amount they're charging, though.
  14. I was looking at the sabuca online in the wine color. Is it me, or does the leather looks a bit more hardier in wine than in the other colors?

    Also, does anyone have any other suggestions for a good, medium-sized day bag--soft leather, delicate details/finishing, with some decent hardware? I was also looking at the Botkier medium Bianca in black and Gustto's medium Setela. I want something that is somewhat fashion forward and very well made to last. My max is $700.