Any opinions on DiorSkin Air Flash?

  1. Just wondering if any of you have tried it and your thoughts in this. I was thinking about getting it...but don't know if I should get this or the SK-II version.

    Thanks much!
  2. i have it and love it. i tis more on the heavy coverage side so i usually just stick w/ teint innocence from chanel. if i am having a really bad skin day then i will use dior air flash
  3. Thank you^^.

    I have oily skin - do you think it will still work well?
  4. I have oily skin and it works fine for me.
  5. I have it and I like it :flowers:
    It gives good coverage, and I much prefer it over the SK-II (but if you do a search you'll find a thread or two full of people praising the SK-II. It did nothing for me but make the fine lines on my face even more noticeable :push:smile: I've used up two bottles of the Air Flash so far (currently using BM mineral foundation) and it's a favourite for when I need good coverage.
  6. Thank you all so much! I'm going to get it this weekend during Macy's Buy $50 of make-up and get a $10 giftcard!

    TPF is the best!
  7. I hope you like it :flowers:
  8. i used to use this and the coverage is definitely great-gives you beautiful flawless skin and it stays on pretty much all day, even on my super-oily skin. but my issue with it was that it felt a little too masky/cakey on my face (i could feel it sitting on my skin) and it kind of got all over the place-in my hair, on my eyebrows, etc.--for me the sk-ii turned out to be a much better option, although i may be going back to this because of the beautiful coverage. also, i stopped buying this because there was such a tiny amount in the bottle-but that's not an issue anymore, since it's MUCH MUCH larger than it used to be and the same price. i'm sure you'll love it!
  9. I've wanted to try this, but I wondered how you would apply it without getting it into your hair or splattered everywhere. Can someone who has used it explain the application process?
  10. i think the box says to spray in a quick circular motion on your face. as for not getting it in your hair and stuff, the only solution i found was to apply this basically right out of the shower, with all my hair in a towel so the stuff couldn't get to it. i remember the first time i tried this at the makeup counter even the MA ended up getting it all over my hair and eyebrows and a bit on my clothing. but maybe some of the ladies here have managed to apply it neatly. i also vaguely remember smoothing it out with a sponge/brush after spraying on, but it's been awhile so i could be wrong.
  11. i find that it definitely gives that "airbrushed" look- very even, but on the heavy side. imo it's more appropriate for photoshoot conditions (pictures with high flash) or nighttime going out, not day to day wear. at least not for me. in daylight it's way too evident that there's a significant layer of something sitting on top of my skin.
  12. I absolutely adore it. It's perfect. However one bottle does not last very long at all.
  13. I use dior photoperfect and wanted to try air flash, but the SA told me it was super hard to apply, that no one buys it and I am better off getting them to do it for me if i wanted it... she made it sounds almost impossible to put on... do you guys find that??
  14. ^
    How strange, an SA presented it to me as if it was the easiest foundation to put on (to which I agree). You just spray it on. It can't be easier than that?
  15. Hi. I have it and love it. However, I am not good at spraying it on my face, even though it is supposed to be easy to use:push: I have blonde hair and it gets into my hair around my face, and then i have to wash it out of my hair and then it's just a big mess!

    I just spray it on a cosmetic triangle sponge thingy and quickly apply it to my face. It gives a lighter coverage than the full on spray and that works for me!

    I have not tried SKII so can't compare the two.

    Let us know what you think once you've tried it:smile: