any opinions on chanel bracelets?

  1. anyone has any advise / pics for chanel bracelets? thanks;)
  2. I have a few of the Chanel bangle bracelets, I just love them.
  3. I have some cuffs and bracelets and I love them so much!
  4. I love chanel bracelets! I have the black resin bangle with the coco chanel quote written on it in white from this spring, the gold bangle with the writing, and i just bought a charm bracelet with pearls and little shoes and bags on it- super cute and feminine.
  5. i adore Chanel bracelets! I have three: the camellia chain bracelet with green enameled camellia (from same line as cuff above); vintage charm toggle bracelet with all the classic Chanel symbols in charms; and (c) wide silvertone cuff in a quilted pattern with gold 3 dimensional CC

    the charm bracelet i got from a dealer in paris (eBay, but totally real)
    the camellia i got online from a trusted seller for 1/2 the price it was (originally $660)
    the cuff i got at Bloomies in 1995
  6. i have one coming soon. i can't wait to get it. it's basically the chain like on a bag with purple leather through it and a toggle closure. have never seen it irl. does anyone have one?