Any opinions on bags by Alexander McQueen

  1. Hi All- I've recently splurged on two Alexander McQueen bags, a small black novak and a brown lazer cut borsa. I absolutely love them! Especially the borsa. What do you think!
    DSC01599.jpg DSC01597.jpg
  2. They look like beautiful bags!The real test is how they look on, and I have never seen them being carried.If you are loving them they must look great on you. Congratulations:smile:
  3. I've seen them in magazines but not in person yet. They do look so elegant though.

  4. Gorgeous bags I love McQueen!
  5. stunning bags. thanks for sharing!
  6. Both are gorgeous! Lucky you!
  7. Very nice. The shape of the bag is the same but it gives a totally different feel. Black novak looks so classic, perfect with suits. And brown lazer cut borsa looks so casual. :drool:
  8. They are elegant and I have the added pleasure of being the only one, so far, to have one. It's kind of nice to be "exclusive". If you know what I mean!:yahoo:
  9. Wow! The laser cut bag in particular is beautiful.
  10. Thanks! They are my favorite bags right now. Even though the Borsa is large and I'm not what you would call statuesque, it doesn't over power my frame.
  11. Isn't it! Net-a-Porte has it in blue, YUCK! I much prefer the brown.