ANY opinions about Stephen Bag......

  1. I just saw Stephen bag at boutique today, and it was interesting. Even though I haven't bought LV bag since Sep. 2005, because I was moving toward Chanel bags and all. I kind of liked how the bag looked, and I do LOVE big bag. I just wondered how practical/easy to use. I'll appreciate any opinions or input everyone have, which will help me a lot.:yes:

    P.S. I'm not interested in leopard one, not ready to pay $4000 on a bag yet.:roflmfao:
  2. I love the monogram one; can't afford it, but love it!
  3. South Coast Plaza has at least 2 of the leopard, cause 2 of them were on display in the store. They don't look as exciting just on display but I saw a lady at Neiman's with it and it looks amazing on her. Truly depends on how you wear it, but it's really cool. And I've seen the embossed one in the red color and the leather is TDF! I love the whole look except for the strap once it gets past the acrylic cause it starts to look cheap, but the rest of it is amazing.
  4. I personally love it!!!:heart: Both the mono and the leopard. Some PF members bought the mono stephen and posted pics, it is big but it looks great!
  5. I really like but find it way too big for everyday use. It looks like an overnight bag to me. I love the design though.
  6. I saw the Mono Embossed Stephen today, and even though I love it, I can't justify purchasing a $3700 bag.
  7. LOVE IT!!!

    Its beautiful, its big and its different.:yes:
  8. I am thinking about purchasing this BUT it seems too large for everyday use. Those people that have purchase the mono stephen do you find using it???
  9. I love it!
  10. :heart: :heart: it
  11. I have the Monogram canvas Stephen and i adore it....I didnt care for the leopard one though..Too much going on and the price tag made me GAG!
  12. I don't think it's too big!!!
  13. Oh, thanks everyone. It seems like many of you loves it. Jill, did you post pics of you wearing it? If so, can you direct me to one???

  14. i have a pic of me wearing it and so does another member Sunshine. Dod a search and you should be able to find it. :yes: