any opinion on LV scarf?


LV scarf

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  1. i'm thinking of buying an LV scarf...

    for owners, what do u use the for and is it a good invesment to buy? the price is quite high for a piece of fabric...

    anyone can post pics using them on themselves?

    thanks :p
  2. hmmmm, which one? a warm one, or a decorative/ponytail/bag scarf?

    if you are thinking groom,i say yes!
  3. Are you thinking big or small? If you're planning on using it to wrap around a bag then I say yes...since the smaller scarves are only around $120-140-ish.
    If you're looking for bigger ones....I don't know....I'd almost rather hit up Hermes for a better selection.
  4. i'm thinking of something like this :

    or maybe this:



    i'm looking toward more for the "limited edition" scarf.
    it might costs me 300-500$?
  5. that's soooo cute!!!! Groom will be cute too :smile:
  6. not looking towards the groom though :p
    i'm more to murakami's designs or the leopard one
  7. I don't know if you care or not about these things (I don't as much) , but I think leopard is becoming very last year very quickly. It was all over this winter, but it's a print that people tire of very quickly. But the red one isen't very "leopardish" though. And of course if you don't care or make it looks hot, then just do it. =)
  8. I have that one Eye Love scarf from those pics you posted. I love that the design isn't lost when you put it on. The ones I use the most are actually bandeaus, but I got my mom the monogram leopard one for Christmas and she has worn it around her ponytail a couple of looks NICE that way.
    Also as for the leopard, don't make your decision based on what is "out" or "tired," buy it because you love it. :yes:
  9. thanks for the opinion girls :p

    Lvbabydoll, don't worry about me making decisions about what is out or what is in :yes:
    i will choose something that i "like" asides all the trends.
    i was just thinking about am i going to use the scarf a lot or not :smile:
  10. I love the scarves. The Cerises one is so pretty! : )
  11. I know :p
    I was saying that kind of in response to the comment above mine :yes:

    Do you know which one you might get yet?

  12. i might get this one :
    i love the characters that murakami created...

    i also love the cerises, but i think the LV logo are just too obvious :p
    i don't want a scarf to be that "branded" :smile:
  13. I have some silk scarves and don't use them that much. But I :heart:my Denim Monogram shawl. It's huge and not bulky at all. I wear it lots (which already starts to show...thread pulls:crybaby:). I'm definitely planning on buying a new one in a lighter color for spring. I have the Monogram shawl in beige,too, but haven't worn it too much,yet.
  14. Be careful, that top one is actually the bandana I think...jit looks like the cotton version, if it is, it's just under 22 x 22, cute on a bag, but too small to wear as a scarf.
  15. the panda i'm eyeing is actually 70 x 70 cm or 27.5" x 27.5" and it's silk :p