any opinion for the ivory python little stam....

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    i am confusing that getting this little python stam......i think it will look great in do your gals think? should i take it?:wlae:

    what about compares to the turq little stam.....
  2. in my opinion i don't like the python part...but i love if that is the part you like about it...go for it :smile:

    btw i LOVE the turq stam!!
  3. i was abit like you - unsure on the python stam but i love it - i think it will look really great in summer!!!
  4. I prefer leather to python (which what I've heard from gals on the forum isn't even real python, but is so expensive). The Topaz baby stam picture you have is a lovely color in real life. If you wear a lot of stuff that complements an almost baby blue, then I would go for that.

    But as I always say, my opinion does not matter. If you love python, get it.
  5. I totally understand that it is difficult to pick one out of those two! I really like them both and have both seen them in RL.

    I think the ivory python is really gorgeous in RL, but so is the topaz one!

    As elongreach mentions, I must admit I was a bit dissapointed to find out that the ivory python wasn't leather. It is gorgeous though, but that is one of the reasons why I like MJ bags so much, because the leather looks and feels so great.

    On the other hand, I think both bags can be worn in winter AND summer. The ivory one will go with everything since it is ivory/ sort of white and the python trim will go with both brown/ black and beige. The topaz one could bea little more difficult but it really depends on your own personal clothing style/ collection.

    Please let us know which one you will be picking! :smile:
  6. The Ivory python trimmed Stam looks better in real life (than stock photo). The bag is made of coated canvas (with python trimming) so it should be easy to maintain.

    If you like it, go for it. =)