Any online personal trainer recommendations

  1. Do anyone have any good recommendations for an on-line personal trainer? Thanks in advance.
  2. hmm what is an online personal trainer?? Is it like a membership you sign up for online and they make a workout routine for you based on your strength and blahblah? Or is it like an ACTUAL person that is a trainer doing things for you through the internet??

    If its the first thing there is somethign called ActivTraxPro. The gym that I go to, NYSC, uses it. I am not sure if it is only for NYSC gym members, check that out though.
  3. I belong to NYSC on long island...I think that program is only for NYSC members.
    Do a google search and I'm sure you will find online trainers.

  4. Check out the SOS program from Cathy Savage Fitness. I think it's She has trained quite a few figure, fitness and bikini contest competitors. I think the basic program runs $36 per month, and you get customized meal and workout plans depending on your goals, inspirational messages and other things to help keep you motivated. Even if you don't want to look like the women she has trained, I'm pretty sure that Cathy and her staff work with everyone, no matter what the goals are. For $36, it's pretty reasonable for online training. I think the next level is $50 per month.
  5. Oooh I might actually be interested in that! THanks cristina!
  6. Thanks for the link I'll have to check it out. $36 is not a bad price. I've ran across some sites that charge in the hundreds range.