Any one with Mezzo problems?

  1. I've seen a few Mezzos with very very dirty bottoms. I know you can prevent it from stains and water marks using appleguard. But if i don't use any protector will it get dirty really fast?? Anyone have a Mezzo in great shape and no protection spray?? I guess i just want to know if the stains are from carelessness or the vachetta is just prone to dirt? thanks
  2. yes, my mezzo bottom got so dirty and scratch all over it, i will get appleguard . I didn't use any protection before so I think that's why it get so dirty.
  3. I've had (and used) mine for about 3 years now and it's perfect. I lug around my books for school in it during the year and when I go on vacations, I put my clothes in it and use it as a travel bag.
    Anyway, mine has stayed really nice, fortunately.
    Also, when I set it on the floor in the classroom, or anywhere, really, I make sure there's something under it such as a notebook or a papertowel or something. I'm really careful with what I set my bags on.
  4. This is the bottom of my Alto (over six years old and used for travel VERY OFTEN):
    I have never used anything on it and I am NOT careful with this particular bag. I think it held up pretty well!!!:lol:
  5. I just bought the piano, and after seeing the dirty, stained bottoms on ebay, I protected the heck out of mine. I think that without any protection, the stains are inevitable. Such delicate leather on the bottom, but the piano and mezzo are such cute, functional bags....