Any one shop in UK online store?

  1. Hi girls,
    I am wondering if you know any UK online store carries Dior shoes? Or did anyone shop at this store before? no cookies, please I need an advice...:jammin:
  2. Hi Sweetierene!

    Try DIOR official website – Online boutique. This is the official Dior boutique website and there is a UK online boutique button on the page. They sell a lot of Dior's latest shoes, and you can be sure that they will sell you the real deal (it's straight from Dior!).

    As for the online boutique you posted a link of, the pics of the Dior shoes are limited...only one angle and with oddly yellowish lighting. They look authentic, but I don't get why they think that they can charge you so much for a pair of shoes without posting enough pictures for you to check them out well. I'd be hesitant to buy from them because of this.
  3. Hi Mayday,
    Thank you for your advice. I have just tried their official site that you provide me, seems it is dead:crybaby: . I would be more than happy if I can get a pair of shoes from them...I will keep my eye on it, looking forward to shop there:yahoo: .
  4. hi sweetierene,

    the link may provided should work, but i think you need plugins to view the site. do you have a local dior near you? perhaps you could ring them up and do a mail order if you know of the specific pair you want.

    anyway, here's the dior online link again: DIOR official website – Online boutique just click on "united kingdom" thereafter. ;)
  5. yup yup, thankx lots:yes: . ppl are so nice here:yahoo: love ya'll.
  6. Hello sweetie :yes:

    when you shop with dior official website before u make cc payment, make sure to check if their security certificate is valid - last time when i wanted to buy a bag i had to wait 4 extra days because the cert expired ...

    good luck with spending your money ! ;)