Any one purchased the Tiffany & Co. handbags? Any thoughts?

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  1. I saw the Tiffany catalog featuring their line of handbags. Reversible handbags, clutches, etc. Designs are simple but I can't say I would lust over them. Have not seen them IRL. Anyone has any recommendations? Do you think they might become part of the premier designer collector items?
  2. I went to see them today and I found the quality to be very very good for the price. The quilted satchel had extremely soft leather and was lined in leather for less than $1700.
    I ended up buying the reversible tote in black (onyx). The leather was thin but light and strong (supposedly holds up to 50 lbs, not that I would be able to lift that!); I plan on using it as a tote bag for work & gym. The detachable little pouch is well made & lined in leather as well. The reverse side is a black with a subtle sheen, not flat black which I liked a lot. For $595 it certainly is a good value, compared to my Goyard St. Louis & LV Neverfull MM, which I love but are not leather.
    Sales people were friendly & seemed very excited to sell handbags! In fact a couple of colours were already sold out at this store.
    Definitely would urge those who are able to at least go & have a look!
  3. As soon as I can find the time to get into the city I am definitely going to check them out and in response to your inquiry, posh, I am betting the quality is definitely premier. Check another thread. The creators are Lamberton Truex. They are known to make top notch quality bags! They have an esteemed reputation and my guess is, if Tiffany took them on, it's a sure win-win situation for all!
  4. I have not seen them in real life, but I like what I see on line.
  5. Pretty!
  6. I do not have the handbag, but I have the zippy wallet. The craftsmanship is great! It will not fall apart anytime soon. I expect to use it for many years to come.
  7. I am dying to see these irl too!!!
  8. I would love to see a modeling pic of the reversible tote! I'm dying for one!
  9. Promising! When I have time to go into the city I should definitely check it out. I like the Tiffany blue reversible. I just think that I don't have good luck with light colors....penmark first day of use, that type of stuff.
  10. do you have pics?
  11. I have to confess I wasn't that impressed by the ad photos, but now that I hear they're made by Lambertson Truex I'm going to withhold judgment until I can see them in person.
  12. The Tiffany's line of handbags are designed by Richard Lambertson & John Truex, AKA Lambertson Truex. These bags are made in Italy and are top quality! I collect LT bags (hence the id) and I am sooooo picky about quality & design.

    I purchased the Tiffany reversible Tote (seen on Jennifer Aniston) in Espresso/Espresso and Onyx/Onyx, it's like having 4 bags. They are lightweight but strong. Perfect tote for shopping or when you need an extra bag without looking sloppy.

    Mr. Lambertson & Mr. Truex are not only talented and experienced, they are super nice guys too!

    Highly recommend you take a look at their lovely line of leather goods!
    The clutches are timeless!
  13. I will have to run in to Tiffany to see their bags.. I have read a lot of press about these bags, and if they are anything like the past line owned by Lambertson Truex, they will be of the utmost quality and have fery classic styling..Their small leather goods are TDF..I passed up on many things which I could kick myself for.. oh , isn't that always the way?
  14. i guess the totes don't zipper shut? i'm liking the avenue tote and reversible tote but haven't seen them IRL yet.