Any one own the Louis Vuitton Case?

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  1. I'm looking for something nice to keep money and things in and was wondering if any one owns the 'case' or any sort of LV cases/boxes.
  2. What kind of case are you talking about? like actual LV products, or the boxes/gift boxes they come in?
  3. hey, well it's on the UK website under luggage then monogram canvas, its just called ' case' but yes it's a little wooden box for holding jewellery and things
  4. can you post a screenshot? or... like a link?.. something? lol
  5. ewwww...I don't like ioffer
  6. any one have an LV box like that? A real one I mean lol
  7. its full of fakes, so i know what you mean but ive found real stuff there.. but near retail... most people dont believe me but its true! LOL!
  8. hmm. as per the op's last question i cant say ive seen anything like that on the forum...
  9. Lol really? It's on the website... under luggage then monogram canvas, they're really nice boxes, I just cant show you a link from the actual site or it just brings you to the menu. Has no one ever even heard of LV boxes?
  10. i mean i know what youre talking about, i think, but
    i havent seen any ON THE FORUM...:nogood:
  11. check offiical web better.
  12. Those cases/boxes are typically referred to as "boites". They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Boite flacons and boite pharmacies are meant for holding jewelry or beauty products while traveling. I believe a few members in here have one...but I don't see them post much anymore.

    There's also a smaller case called the "coffret tresor", which I have. I use it to hold my LV watches :heart:
  13. I like the cotteville 40:wlae:it is small enough to be the coolest box!