Any one own a Cha Cha bag

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  1. No but i really want one-I love these...
  2. I cant believe that they are all handmade
  3. Wow those are beautiful! Where do they sell them?
  4. I think you may have to order from their website.
  5. Oh my god. Please do. I bet the interior is interesting.
  6. I’m anxiously waiting :yahoo::yahoo:
  7. I've seen her bags on etsy too and was pondering getting one in the future. Please post of the quality when you get it! :smile: I bought another etsy leather bag and it's so smooshy
  8. who was the designer of the one you bought. I am a big fan of less known designers. That way your not walking around looking like everyone else.:tup:
  9. Yeah I know. I love finding lesser known brands as well. I hate carrying around labels and probably only have I believe 2 bags in my collection with any monogramming. The rest are all leather :biggrin: I think Kudra and the one you posted are the only leather bags I've found myself interested in on etsy. I'm really contemplating getting that Katy. It looks sooo beautiful and TDF.

    I really like Kudra She doesn't have very many bags on there right now though. I've bought a bag and an owl belt (LOVE the owl belt) from her. The bag was white so I haven't had a chance to carry it around except once but the leather is sooo soft. The belt on the other hand I've been wearing at least once a week. So unique.
  10. There is one more designer called Ilemi paris. The leather is unbelievable. Their was another post about them on tpf. Kick It With Shalon was trying to get the bags for the shop Kick It store because they are not sold in the US and only 1 is listed on etsy. I hope shop kick is able to get them they are really nice.
  11. paintednightsky do you know of any other sites that sell up an comers besides Etsy and Shop Kick It.
  12. o yes I saw Ilemi on another post here. I thought her bags looked soo lusciously soft and beautiful. I'm hoping she posts a lot more bags up in the future.

    I remember I had a link to this one site that linked all sorts of "indie" type products in different categories. Don't remember what it is now but maybe someone will know what I mean. It was a post on here before.